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residential pest control

Keeping your home pest-free


Knew that those who wander freely at home may not be safe? Some ant species are known to bite painfully and after traveling to unsanitary areas can spread harmful bacteria. Cockroaches spread many forms of diseases including those causing food poisoning, such as salmonellosis. Infectious diseases that cause food poisoning and leptospirosis often spread by Rats. Bedbugs hidden in your furnitures can cause itchy bites and skin rash.

Most homeowners seek to treat a pest problem alone, and generally end up handling the infestation that is not the root cause of the pest problem. The breeding ground for these pests, which can not be handled with DIY insect chemicals, lies underneath the walls and deep into the crevices. In addition, improper use of pesticides is often considered to be harmful to your safety and the environment.

Your home is your asset that will impact the value of the property if significant pest infestations occur. A plague infestation at home will be more difficult to eradicate and will pose severe risks to your home and family to health and safety. To solve this issue, it is best to employ a professional and trusted pest control service provider.

We have the professional experience to identify the pest problem, and prescribe a suitable treatment course. In addition to this, we do have a team of experts specialised in pest biological research and trained to provide appropriate advice and solutions.

Don’t allow pests to ‘bug’ your home

Call us and we will be able to answer any questions you have, offer valuable advice and arrange appropriate care.

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Pest Control in Condominiums and Apartments

Condominiums are especially vulnerable to infestation with pests. It is primarily due to the fact that all of these buildings are big and pests can live and flourish in many possible areas. It’s also true that condominiums are heavily populated. This adds to the ability for pests to spread more quickly, as people come in more regular contact with each other.

The most common and dangerous problem with pest in a condominium is mosquitoes, which can cause serious illness if prevention measures are not placed in place. Rodents, rats, cockroaches, and termites are also possible pest problems within condominiums. Such pests flourish in densely populated areas, where they are best situated to live and breed.

Inside condominiums there are several areas with potential for pests to flourish. Those include common toilets and showers, storage and bin chutes, all of which shelter the perfect habitat for different types of pest. Condominium owners rely on people who want to live in their homes and so it’s important to maintain a reputation for a pest-free climate.

Citizens do not want to live in condominiums which have gained a reputation for poor control of pests.

Working with us will ensure you get the best pest control industry advice and experience. We’ve collaborated with several leading condominiums that show we can provide the high quality of service that condominiums across Singapore need. We ensure that pest control is not only kept to a high level, but that best practices are continuing to be placed in place.

Pest Control in the Landed Properties

Landed properties including bungalows, semi detached house and terraced houses have a high potential for infestation with pests. Pests are likely to be found mostly when humans are present. There are as many possible areas where pests can live and flourish as in any living environment. Can include gardens and outbuildings, bins of rubbish and cellars or basements. There are areas in certain properties that remain undisturbed for long periods of time and therefore pests can breed and multiply very easily, without disturbance. In outdoor areas, there may be the potential for pests to create nests in a well-protected area. So treating a pest infestation in a landed property as soon as possible is necessary.

There are several possible forms of pest that can be found inside or outside landed property, but maybe mosquitoes are the most common and harmful. They have the ability to cause serious illness and so it is necessary to put in place preventive measures. Many pests include termites, ants and cockroaches, and less frequently they may find bees and wasps or snakes and rodents that create a pest problem. Whatever your pest problem, before it becomes a big issue, you need to talk to our pest control expert to deal with your pest problem.

Working with a plague infestation can be a source of great suffering and the issue will never go away without the appropriate measures to cope with the infestation. Speak to us today and begin the process of debugging pests in your landed property.

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We will undertake a free inspection of your residence

Our experts will thoroughly inspect your property with our hi-tech equipment such as UV lights, moisture meters, and telescopic cameras during our visit to your home or condominium in Singapore. This inspection is required to help us identify potential plague infestation points, such as cracks and leaks around your residence. Our experts can spend between 30 minutes to one hour on our first visit, and between 15 and 30 minutes on other routine visits. We will provide you with a report on our findings on the pest control needs of your home after careful inspections and tailored and knowledgeable advice on how to fix the problems.

Getting the Job Done

To help identify the presence of pests, our experts will begin to resolve the issues and place pest-monitoring devices in areas with high risk of infestation. In addition to our experts ‘ expertise, they do have state-of – the-art devices that can take care of any aspect of plague infestation. We ensure that we get to the primary cause of the issue so that we can have the most powerful approach that will have a long-lasting impact. Our staff will send you a summary of the care procedure performed as well as when your home is due for the next operation, following the first care.

We Offer a Year-Round Solution

Pests can come again and again to visit your home and we do the same. We’ll send you a rundown on how we’ll come to visit during the year. It will help to efficiently track and control pest activity in your home. As we visit your home to track the impact of the old treatment we also test for new or suspected infestation at the same time. They must regularly monitor the care status, progress achieved and, if any, the remaining issues. That will help us provide you with the safest and most effective approach to your home. We won’t relent; we’ll search for and eradicate all seasonal pests and guarantee a long-lasting treatment effect for you and your family. Customer loyalty is our pride.

Homeowners Guide

Infestation of the plague can lead to serious problems such as structural damage to the home and health effects on your family. Other than daily pest control care, housekeeping is essential too.

Easy practises you can apply at home:

Allow at least 3-4 hours after application, before mopping / wiping the treated floor / surface. Try not to clean this off using harsh chemicals.
2. Make sure all foods are kept in airtight containers as food and water sources attract pests such as ants and cockroaches
3. Do not tempt pest by leaving on your kitchen countertop, bin and floor food crumbs / scraps, sweep them every day. Don't leave dirty cutlery and dishes in your sink too, they are a source of food!
4. Hold garbage in waste bins with fitted lids and ensure that all waste is recycled regularly so that rodents are not drawn to the foul odour
5. Cardboard boxes attract termites and cockroaches. The use of plastic, glass, and metal containers with close fitting lids prevents them from breeding. Then you can still reuse the containers
6. Cockroaches and termites delight in moisture. Try to find any stagnant water and patch any leakages. Discard also empty canisters, bottles which can collect water to deter mosquitoes from breeding
7. Keep tree branches well trimmed and away from home as crawling pests such as bees, cockroaches and snakes will crawl through branches into the house
8. Screw all holes and gaps. Through these openings Rats and other little pest will invade your home.

Checking your Home

Pests occur at home anytime of the year, and can last a long time. Frustrations are typically the difficulty of finding the source of the breeding and we spend time simply eliminating physical bugs that crawl around your house. If it is a recurrent occurrence the nightmare sets in.

Importance of early detection

The symptoms and signs of plague usually start small and sometimes go unnoticed. They may not note, for example, the scent of cockroach urine, or the tiny black droppings on the surfaces. Worst of all, pests are clever at hiding well at hard to reach spaces and corners, making observations harder. However, if left unchecked, these early signs will lead to a bigger problem.

Understanding risks of pests

Cockroaches can contribute to contamination of the food and potential allergies. Ants, such as carpenter ants, that harm your furniture and structure, and mosquitoes are deadly pests that cause dengue fever, which we are all familiar with. Pest threats can end up affecting your health and safety, influencing home condition and structure and spreading capacity from location to location.


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