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Island Pest is the leading pest control service in Singapore, providing expert pest control services for residential and commercial properties. With over a decade of experience, we have created a new benchmark in the the pest control industry that is recognised and appreciated in the market.


We do have the best staff at Island Pest for your home or company. Our hiring process ensures that all of our technicians are interviewed separately and examined for maximum reference. This is because we recognise that fairness, dignity and independence of our employees are paramount in our company.

About Island Pest

We are the leading pest management company in Singapore committed to taking care of the pest control needs of our residential, business, and industrial customers. Our team is committed to ensuring adequate security for your company and family through a range of creative solutions that are healthy, reliable and sensitive, with more than 10 years of local brand establishment and global prominence.

Using professional advice and guidance, we exploit our vast experience and technological skills to bring value to our clients. We have the largest fleet of vehicles and highly qualified and certified technicians to facilitate the distribution of pest control solutions easily around the island to ensure speed of response is delivered efficiently.

Our Team

Pest Control Service Technicians

Our team of experts is expected to attend regular and rigorous training programs to improve their competencies, skill sets and capacities including knowledge of pests, technological approaches, technologies, procedures for health and safety and soft skills. The professionals are also expected to attend fire-drill emergencies and first aid training as part of the career growth. Through a standardised performance review each technician will be evaluated.

Service Supervisors

Our Service Supervisors have extensive experience and sound skills to advise the professional team and conduct quality management over the service rendered. To ensure that customer quality is provided, the supervisory team is charged with monitoring and auditing efficiency levels and customer consistencies, and continuously implementing changes within the role of service and operations.

Field Biologists

Our Singapore-based field biologists have received comprehensive in-company training in various pest control aspects. As experts, they conduct in-depth analyses and analyses of the manufacturing processes and pest threats, determine the source of any pest problem you can face and make highly realistic suggestions for coping with the situation.

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Technical Expertise

We are just as successful as our people, as are all service businesses. To keep up-to-date on pest control the team is continually fitted with different technologies, technological requirements and pest risks. A series of training and development programs are customised and planned for the professional team to achieve quality service levels and meet the needs of specific company and resident people. A field biologist team and a medical entomologist are available to provide more detailed and nuanced scientific guidance to highly focused or zero-tolerance policy firms.


Services & Treatments

Our R&D department is also at the forefront of innovating integrated pest control solutions. This involves the use of cutting-edge technology that supports accurate detection and inspection, as well as secure, environmentally sustainable and safe solutions. Reporting services are available to help businesses more efficiently monitor their paperwork, audit enforcement and reporting.


Friendly Service

Our team is made up of a warm and energetic group of technicians and overseers. We’re passionate about cleaning and we take great care and pride. This translates into quality service and value for our customers which enriches the end-to-end experience when customers engage our services.


Health & Safety

Health and safety are important to us. Between our staff and our customers we advocate strict compliance with health and safety policies and specifications. We exercise zero tolerance of non-compliance and are part of our service culture and structure to allow employees to do things in the right and responsible manner.


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