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Do you think about mosquitoes? Mosquitoes are primarily hated by humans because they don’t want to get sick from mosquito bites. The Aedes mosquito, found most commonly in Singapore, is a vector of dengue virus. The dengue virus can cause dengue fever when a person is bitten by an infected Aedes mosquito. During a blood meal, the virus is then passed on to the individual who only needs female mosquitoes to reproduce and lay their eggs.

How would you defend yourself against mosquitoes? If you lower the risk of getting mosquito bites, you lower the chance of developing dengue considerably. Don’t lose to mosquitoes. To stop dengue we need to get rid of mosquitoes with us first.

There has never been a more critical time to ensure that your home and company in Mosquito is safe with threats from Southeast Asia’s Zika virus now growing. Flying bugs can be a pain and could endanger your health. To support you, get qualified assistance with our mosquito control service here in Singapore to exterminate and remove mosquitoes from your home or company. Mosquitoes are blood sucking rodents that not only give an annoying bite, but are also known dangerous disease carriers. Our physical control techniques can rapidly reduce the population of insects in an environment by up to 50%.

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Signs of Mosquito Infestation

Mosquitoes will make our life completely disagreeable. Constant monitoring of their high-pitched sound can be alarming. And there always seems to be another one waiting in the wings when you’ve found the culprit.

So, here are some signs showing you that mosquitoes have invaded your premises:

  • Mosquitoes also create this irritating clicking, high pitched sound.
  • Bites are a simple giveaway, ranging from slightly annoying to swelling painfully inflamed. Only the female mosquito bites men, the males feed on nectar and other sweet things.
  • The adults are drawn to standing water where they lay their eggs, like water trays from house plants and water bowls.
  • You could find them lingering in shadowy and dim places.
  • Mosquito larvae even in stagnant water on the bottom of slow flowing water

Should you be worried?

Mosquitoes are considered harmless in some countries, as they bear no significant diseases besides causing itchy sensation from their bite. But in tropical countries like Singapore, as they spread mosquito borne diseases through that one nasty bite, mosquito infestation may become a serious matter.

When is it time to call for professional mosquito controller

  • When mosquito borne diseases such as dengue rise in your region significantly.
  • Someone has contracted dengue in your neighbourhood.
  • The conditions are ideal for mosquito breeding during rainy season.

How to Minimise the Breeding of Mosquitoes in Your Premises

Nothing takes the fun out of an evening like a bloodthirsty bunch of mosquitoes. By restricting their habitat at your house, you can keep the mosquito population under control.

Prevent entry
Mount mosquito netting / screen on all windows to prevent the entry of mosquitoes into the house.
Prevent breeding spots
To prevent them from being breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes, remove unused tires, empty cans, and bottles.
Prevent water stagnation
To avoid water stagnation, clean and discard any dried leaves that can clog the roof gutters once a week.
Cover all water containers
Prevent mosquitoes from breeding
Change water regularly
Adjust the water in the vases, pot bases, and water containers and apply larvicide to discourage mosquitoes from breeding at least once a month. It is recommended to change water at least twice a week, and to wash containers.
Clear clogs
Weekly clean and clear drains throughout the house to keep it from being clogged.
Maintain pools
Keep swimming pool clean and chlorinated every month even when not in use.

You could be neglecting indoor mosquito control

You could put yourself at risk of infestation with outdoor mosquitoes. Mosquito breeding opportunities may be created via various sources with the presence of stagnant water:

  • Discarded receptacles
  • Closed perimeter drains
  • Gully traps and roof gutters
  • Toilet bowls
  • Potted plants and trays
  • Open containers and pails
  • Puddles of water

Adult mosquito infestation can come through numerous open sources

  • Transferred from neighbouring sites
  • They are attracted to exhaled carbon dioxide
  • Body warmth, heat and sweat especially from people whom have just exercised
  • Full grown adult mosquitoes from larvae stage

However, indoor mosquito control is often neglected

Mosquito breeding threats come from potted plants, trays and ornamental pots; pots and pails for toilet bowls or adult mosquito entry through balconies, windows, doors, and ventilators.

With our Mosquito Protection Plan it is vital to protect your health and safety, which covers both indoor and outdoor protection and reduces both mosquito breeding and adult mosquito population. Let’s do our bit now to help protect Singapore’s dengue and Zika viruses.

Mosquito Control

When you have mosquitoes in your backyard, this is bad enough to discourage you from going outdoors. If mosquitoes have managed to migrate inside your home and make you feel like your home has been invaded it seems even worse.

Mosquito Bites

Typically a mosquito bite isn’t painful, but itchiness following a bite can cause some discomfort. The numbers of dengue cases and fatalities recorded, though, have been very worrying over the years.

Dengue Fever and Transmission

Dengue fever is a tropical infectious disease caused by Aedes mosquitoes spread by the dengue virus. This can advance to more a dangerous form of the disease known as hemorrhagic dengue fever, and cause death. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that 50-100 million people are diagnosed with dengue fever worldwide each year and that about three out of every 100 dengue infections are fatal.

Symptoms of Dengue Infection

  • Sudden onset of continuous high fever
  • Red rashes on skin
  • Acute pain at the bones, muscles and joints
  • Loss of appetite with vomiting & headache
  • Bleeding from nose, gums and skin

Dengue Treatment

Vaccine studies are still being performed and there is no clear dengue vaccine, but proper medical care also saves the lives of patients with the more severe dengue hemorrhagic fever. If you experience signs of dengue fever, see a doctor immediately for diagnosis and care.

How to Avoid Mosquito Bites

Are you sick and exhausted when you enjoy your outdoor activities and are plagued by buzzing mosquitoes? Here are a few quick measures that will help lessen the risk of being bitten.

  • Avoid dark colours as they attract insects
  • Minimise exposed skin by wearing long sleeves, skirts, shoes and hats.
  • Stay clear from water areas and stay out of sluggish flow or stagnant water
  • When walking through bushes or bare grass, tuck pants into socks and avoid brushing through long grasses or bushes
aedes mosquito

Aedes Mosquito

At twilight the bites from an Aedes mosquito top, and it bites all day long. Adult has white markings on thorax and legs. Specifically man-made containers with clean water are container breeders. They prefer darker, black and red colours.

anopheles mosquito

Anopheles Mosquito

The adult has light and dark spots on its arms, and the angle to the surface is 45 degree. We prefer water which is clean and unpolluted. In the evening, they bite and relax indoors and outdoors. They prefer more dark colours.

culex mosquito

Culex Mosquito

There are often brown scales covering the thorax, legs and veins on the arms and dull in colour. Abdominal tip is often blunt. Livestock live in contaminated stagnant water and drains. They bite at night, and usually rest before and after blood meal indoors. Sometimes they may rest outdoor. Prefer more dark colours. They are long range fliers.

Identifying Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can easily be identified as the world’s deadliest insect. With Zika and Dengue growing in Singapore, mosquitoes are soon to become a top pest which poses serious health risks to everyone. If you’re ever fortunate enough to catch sight of the mosquito that just bitten you, you may be able to recognise the sort of mosquito and the dangers it entails.

  • The Aedes Mosquito is a known dengue & Zika virus carrier; with black and white markings on the legs and body; they usually strike in the morning and at dusk
  • The Anopheles Mosquito is a carrier for Malaria; it has pale and dark markings on its wings and bite more at night
  • The Culex Mosquito is a carrier for Jap B Encephalitis; it appears dull in colour with pale and dark markings on its wings; and typically bites more at night

Whether they are Aedes, Anopheles or Culex mosquitoes, you can take no chance at killing this deadly insect.

Mosquitoes are drawn to heat and carbon dioxide, and prefer to bite people who’ve just been exercising. Greater people attract more mosquitoes because they contain higher levels of carbon dioxide and lactic acid.

Knowing the signs of mosquito problem is important for controlling an infestation that could get out of control when breeding conditions and our local hot and humid tropical weather are particularly favourable. Larvae or pupae emerging in stagnant water in drains, flower pot plates, discarded tyres and other receptacles, gulley traps, roof ducts are signs of infestation and all provide a good breeding and hiding place for mosquitoes.

How to get rid of mosquitoes?

By detecting and eliminating all potential mosquito breeding grounds you can buy and use mosquito traps as well as do your part in ensuring your ecosystem stay pest-free. The professional choice requires you to find your local pest control company to get rid of the problem.

DIY Mosquito Control Options

If you want to handle a mosquito problem yourself, you’ve got a few easy choices. The first move consists of visiting a home appliance store and purchasing an indoor mosquito trap unit. This device is a simple setup which requires the use of electrically powered UV light. That helps monitor the flying population of adult mosquitoes.

Installation of flying insect screens at windows and main door ways. These screens are effective at stopping adult mosquitoes from flying from outside into their indoor premises. Install mosquito netting in the bedroom, and keep the air cool. Warm temperatures increase the sensitivity of thermal receptors in mosquitoes and make it easy for them to detect blood close to surfaces in the skin.

Putting focus on potted plants and water receptacles in mosquito granules and spraying pest protection aid to avoid future breeding opportunities. Public paranoia is building up to get bitten by a mosquito and likely to contract Dengue or Zika.

Despite mosquito repellent sprays and repellent patches practically floating away from the pharmacy shelves, citronella is widely used as an effective repellent. Citronella is a natural ingredient used in these repellents, since it irritates the feet of the mosquito and prevents landing. Mosquito repellents must be deet-free to be safe for use by children.

Mosquito DIY management approaches usually have drawbacks for successful management of the mosquitoes. The best mosquito control works hand in hand with indoor, outdoor protection along with due diligence in keeping homes and places of work safe from breeding grounds.

What you can do to help prevent mosquitoes infestation:

  • Remove potential breeding grounds, including water puddles as low as a 20-cent coin, muddy surfaces and water left in containers.
  • Cover any bottle you use to store water.
  • Discard any bulky products that promote rampant mosquito breeding within your premises.
  • Check your premise for leaf litters, pails, mats, trays and other containers that could regularly trap water.

Benefits of a Professional Mosquito Control

Get Rid of Mosquitoes for Homes and Businesses

Staying vigilant and stepping up protective measures is critical to protecting your health and safety with rising cases of Dengue and Zika in Singapore. Zika virus is of particular concern to many pregnant women in Singapore, as it can potentially harm unborn babies in the later stages of growth and development when the baby is born. The Zika virus is transmitted through the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito, the same Dengue carrier. Most infected persons do not develop any symptoms. Such illnesses spread by the Aedes mosquito may be fatal in severe cases without prompt medical treatment. Take drastic measures to protect your families and employees. Ensure that your home or office is sufficiently protected by targeting mosquitoes at various life cycles, including indoor and outdoor conditions.

  • Water-based fogging solution manages and reduces the adult mosquito population.
  • Monitor the growth of the mosquito breeding or larvae with Larvicide treatment in stagnant water.
  • Build an additional mosquito trap to better monitor neighbouring mosquito population.
  • For monitor indoor mosquitoes coming in from walls, doors or holes, mount an internal mosquito trap.

Did you know?

Male mosquitoes don’t bite, female mosquitoes suck blood to get egg-developing protein. Professional mosquito control helps overcome the drawbacks of DIY mosquito control with an integrated approach required to counter both indoor and outdoor threats.

How we can get rid of Mosquitos for you

We use the following methods and control products to stop mosquito problems:


A thorough inspection will be carried out before we perform the larvicide treatment for any potential breeding ground. Larviciding is a treatment that controls the growth of larvae of mosquitoes. Larvicide treatment can help to reduce infestation at mosquito hotspots.

Acoutistic Larvicide Solution is used as an environmentally friendly solution for managing immature mosquitoes including pupae and larvae stages. The invention uses sound transmission emitted within the water to generate the Dorsal Tracheal Trunk’s ruptured appearance, and damage and trauma to surrounding tissues and organs. As a result, the affected larvae loses its buoyancy, collapsing and sinking. They can not pupate, emerge or result in immediate death. In terms of mosquito protection, this means reducing the amount of mosquito breeding and impairing mobility among adults affected during their immature stage by the solution.

Find out more about how the new Acoustic Larvicide Solution can help protect your family, guests and employees from mosquito breeding risks if you have a pool facility, water feature pond, or fountain in your home or workspace.

Thermal Fogging

Fog them is one of the most growing and successful approaches to dealing with mosquitoes. Not only does fogging help eradicate flying adult mosquitoes by actively reducing the presence of adult mosquitoes, it also helps reduce the chances of being bitten. Engaging in weekly or monthly water dependent fogging services is a safe way of maintaining control of the adult mosquito population.

Fog is essential when the mosquitoes are most active in getting a more effective control at the right time. Thermal fogging kills only the adult mosquitoes present during the treatment period inside the treated area.


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