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Ants are creatures which are extremely capable and knowledgeable. A relatively low proportion of the workers in an ant colony include working bees. In addition, the foraging ants that you see outside are usually less than 10 percent of the colony. This is important to bear in mind when it comes to control of ants, and why it is not enough to kill the colony to control ants that you see before you. That is why it’s not enough to kill the colony only by killing the ants you see before you.

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How to Prevent Ants

When you are worried that you might be at risk from an ant infestation, you should put some effective ant prevention measures in place. The list below will help you reduce the risk of your home or business premises being infested with insect. The bulk of the ants come to your kitchen to look for food. They’re drawn to anything that’s sweet and sticky, and you’re usually going to find ants in kitchen cupboards or places where food is stored. Here’s what you can do to help prevent infestation of an ant:

Clear up
Clean away the leftover food and food crumbs found in kitchen areas, pantries or storage. Immediately clean up any spillage of foods and liquids.
Sweep up
Food crumbs clear way from under your kitchen appliances and devices.
Store your food
To avoid attracting bees, store all food items in airtight containers, in airtight containers whenever possible, or in a refrigerator.
Seal up
Seal the ants entry points by covering all gaps and crevices around your window frames and doors. Fill the ant with tiny cracks and crevices to prevent the ants from crawling to find food.
Garden management
Hold your compost enclosed and make sure the lids are securely sealed in both garbage bins.
Fix Up
Repair any leaking taps and clean any spills so as not to provide ants with food supply.

Signs of an Ant Infestation

If you’ve seen a couple of ants scuttling on the board, they may just have a look around. They can therefore be the indication of a larger infestation of ant. Here are 3 tell-tale signs that tell you whether you have an infestation of ant within your premises. Since ants are most active during sunset, during these hours pay particular attention to signs of ant behaviour.

Live ants – If you see lots of live ants then you may have a problem. When you spot them in the kitchen or in places where you’re cooking food, then you need to do something fast.
Ant pathways – Ant footprints are just another sign in and out of your home or premises. Many ant species can pave a pheromone trail to a source of food. This trail leads to the food source for other ants from the colony.
Ant nest – A nest site can look like a tiny pile of dirt or soil. Some ant species prefer to make their home in walls, or other small, dark areas, which are harder to find.

black house ant

Black House Ant

These ants are seen in kitchens, garbage and even dog excrement as nuisance and scavenge, thereby potentially spreading diseases like salmonella. The most successful method of control is to find the colony and handle it.

fire ant

Fire Ant

Nest sites may be up to 40 cm mound, or near items located on the ground. They respond violently if irritated, and can cause a painful sting, resulting in a pustule some 48 hours later. Such ants are a major agricultural and urban pest, killing crops and disrupting both outdoor and indoor residential areas.

ghost ant

Ghost Ant

They feed on sweet substances and grease indoors, while feeding on insects producing outdoor honeydew. In kitchen and bathroom cabinets, they nest on small spaces, wall void as well as in flowerpots, under objects on the ground, under loose bark outdoors, Drawn to high humidity areas.

Identifying Ants

Have you put food on the dining table and moments later just to discover the food that a swarm of ants is attacking? If you’ve done this before, it’s highly likely that ants could infest your home or place of work.

Although the warning signs of an ant infestation are typically very clear, such as with the presence of ants themselves, ant checks, and finding ants found in food supplies, these are easy-to-spot indicators for homeowners. They will increase in number over time with the presence of ants or ant nests, and become a colony. The number of ant trials in the same kitchen in different areas could gradually be seen as they move in an organised manner to and from their food source.

Ants are colonious social insects. Foraging ants come out early in the morning and early in the evening when outside temperature isn’t very hot. Food and water are vital to the survival of colonies. Knowing the types of ants is important as you understand the biology and actions of certain species to conduct an effective control of ants.

Different types of ants that can be found in households in Singapore include Crazy Ant, Sugar Ant, and Ant Pharaoh. Before conducting ant control care, accurate identification of ant species is important, as different species have different diet, nesting and foraging habits.If you have Pharaoh’s Ant in your house, spraying repellent insecticide will worsen the situation as more colonies are formed by the single colony spilt.

How to Get Rid of Ants

All of our workers are licensed and accredited with the National Environment Agency (NEA) and our service technicians understand the behaviour of various types of ants and can provide the right kind of treatment as required. Our ant management strategies are designed for commercial as well as domestic customers, regardless of the severity of the infestation.

You have two simple choices when it comes to getting rid of ants: DIY or employ a professional. The DIY option requires that you purchase ant spray from your nearest home store. The most popular ant control element on a household is insecticide spray. Usage of an insecticide spray would work with proper sanitation. DIY insecticide spraying that destroy some foraging ants that happen to be out of the nest and temporarily disrupt the ant tests. Skilled ant control by a Singapore-based local pest control company is able to handle the infestation and reduce recurrence. Experts in plague control understand the behaviours of various ant types and can provide discreet and efficient ant control.

DIY Ant Control Methods

Many homeowners struggle with do – it-yourself ant control solutions, sometimes resulting in less than satisfactory results. Small issues may grow into major ones and that is where the wrong form of treatment is introduced in addition to the lack of knowledge of ant biology and its behaviour.

When you try to handle a problem with an ant on your own, there is a strong risk that you might be ineffective. Ant infestation also trails of food and drinks along places and these are areas you and your family live and eat in. Ant monitoring methods must be safe and effective

Ants nest deep within the gaps and crevices of buildings’ wall foundations. DIY spraying does not reach some of the main hotspots and in some cases leads to a worsening of the ant infestation especially for Pharaoh’s Ant which is particularly sensitive to repellent insecticide. Home renovations significantly help to maintain a clean and dry atmosphere during an ant infestation.

A Queen of twice the size of a regular worker ant leads all the ants. The Queen ant is normally situated deep within the anthill’s complex system to prevent the Queen from getting into danger. We use treatments the worker ants bring to the Queen to kill the whole ant population, which then poison the Queen’s chief. The colony perishes without the Queen Ant and the question of ant infestation is removed.

Over-the-counter insecticides also provide a temporary remedy for ant problems. Sealing an ant hole entry points won’t always solve the problem as ants may find other routes to reach your home or even build new tunnels to replace the closed paths. Some ant poisons can not be very successful after the poison runs out, as the ants can return. The best way to get rid of these ants permanently could be to employ an ant control company.

odorous house ant

Odorous House Ant

They eat most household foods, especially sugar foods, such as sweets and fruits like melon and pet foods. The are attracted by humidity. Nests can be found in hot, dry conditions, in house plants and even toilet lids. A distinctive feature is that when crushed, they produce a scent of coconut.

pharaohs ant

Pharaoh’s Ant

Well-trails are laid down and are also connected to heating systems. Feeds the high protein foods indoors. New colonies are often established through nests which were disrupted by spray treatments with insecticide. Growing queen in their lifetime produces as many as 3,500 eggs. They can be found in deep-seated cavities in heated buildings such as hospitals, and in humid environments can thrive.

carpenter ant

Carpenter Ant

Attracted to both dry and wet wood but favour moisture and humidity. They are often looking for food at night but also during the day in. Signs include damp wood, sawdust, or unexpected noise from the walls. Honeydew is their primary meal, and they also consume plant secretions, fruit juices, and remains of insects. Good foods, oils, grease and meats attract them in households. They rarely come into contact with people but will try to flee if they do.

How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home and Business

You’d like to get rid of ants in your home and company because in addition to potentially posing a threat, ants can inflict some hazards on you, your family and employees. Ants contaminate food, have crawled and probably pick up soil and infectious species all over. They can cause ant bites to cause allergies, swelling and discomfort.

  • Professional ant control steps on how to get rid of ants include correct identification of ant species
  • Not treating with DIY method such as spraying repellent insecticide before ant species are identified.
  • Making sure tree branches do not touch outside walls and roofs

When the ants species are established, successful approaches are advised to deal with them efficiently. Treatment and remedies, irrespective of the severity of the infestation, are tailored for both domestic and industrial needs. The most successful way to get rid of ant infestation from your company is through the skilled ant control service. Our expert will pursue the best approach to ensure your long-term safety, in addition to treatment with pesticides.

Our Professional Ant Removal Service

We will provide your company with skilled ant removal services if you need a survey at a construction site, a plantation or a manufacturing site such as a warehouse.

We can provide:

  • On-site inspections and identification
  • Recommend future ant pest control techniques
  • The latest equipment and chemicals to eradicate ant problem in your company

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